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Manage your Class Rooms easier and faster than ever before.

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Specifically Designed Venue and Space Management Software for Classrooms, Labs, Computer Rooms and Libraries.

Managing all the Class Rooms and Labs within a faculty building can be almost impossible, especially when you have multiple campuses or buildings. Now there are some old school solutions, such as using spreadsheets or a paper diary but its inevitable mistakes are going to happen.

Staff and Students want to see live availability and book out slots in real-time.

What you need is a Class Room and Lab booking software system, that's going to get your faculties in order, take some of the stress away and make sure there are no double bookings across multiple campuses.

That's exactly what Hey Agenda does, we have a really simple yet powerful platform, that you can put into your schools today. It's super easy and no staff training and no difficult or hard software to understand. It takes our centres on average about 7 minutes to set up the system and take their first booking.

So what are you waiting for? Give our 14 days free no-obligation trial a go today.

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Meeting Room Venue Management Software

Our Classrooms, Labs, Computer Rooms and Libraries. Scheduling Features

Powerful Integrated Calendar

Manage your calendar in our easy to use software.

Manage your calendar by Day, Week and Even Month. See all your spaces in one easy place. See all upcoming events in one easy to use dashboard.

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Flawless Venue Management

See at a glance the status of any booking

See the status of any booking with our fully customisable booking tracking system. You can see all enquiries through their lifecycle from Enquiry to Paid. Fully customise to your own workflow by adding in custom statuses.

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Customer Management

Powerful Customer Management System

Never lose your customers details again because someone lost the piece of paper. Store and keep your customers information up to date. All in our easy to use Customer Management Portal.

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Invoice Management

See at the glance the status of any quotation and invoice.

At a glance see the status of any invoice, no more sitting in a meeting and the boss asks, has that invoice been paid? Now you'll know by simply filtering by paid and un

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Manage your meeting spaces better and faster than ever before, stop double bookings and live a stress free life.

  • Flawless Venue Management

  • Powerful Integrated Calendar

  • Invoice Management

  • Room Management

  • Quotation Management

  • Accept Online Payments

  • Integrations (coming soon)

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You can access your venue management software from anywhere, on the road, at home or in another office. Plus its all backed up in the cloud.

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Our platform is super secure using SSL encryption to make sure your site is safe and secure.

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